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Terms And Conditions

We welcome you to Cryba


Our services and content are subjected to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. When you access the website, please note that you have read, accepted, and abide by the terms present on this page for our official website


The personal usage of services and products


The services and products present on this website are not for reselling or selling for profit, and they are only for the personal usage of our customers. 


Information accuracy 


We try to remain as accurate as possible with our services and products.


Our intellectual property


Information and data present on the website are the intellectual property of Cryba. Any misuse or reuse without prior information of these properties will be considered an illegal encroachment and fall under the offense of copyright ACT, 1957. These include (not limited to) trademark, logo, watermark, images, text, product descriptions, videos, etc.


Your obligations and responsibilities


Like our users, we expect you to use our website in a fair manner. Any malicious act of hacking to harm our website in any way possible will not be tolerated in simple and plain words. 




As you have read the terms and conditions, we ask for your approval before using this website. If you continue to use our website, you declare that you abide by our policies. Further, we reserve the rights to change any point and add new points to this policy whenever we deem necessary. 


If you need any answers or clarification regarding this policy, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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